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Should You Manage Your Own Property?

Some owners prefer to manage their own properties, but to do it successfully you have to be involved in day-to-day operations, visit your buildings regularly, and deal with rent issues and tenant concerns right away. Learn whether self-management is right for you.


A lot of people ask me in my travels what they should be thinking about when hiring a property management company. When we are answering that question a lot of landlords need to consider the following items:

Firstly, I would say if you don’t live near your property, you should definitely consider a property management company. The property management company will go to the property on a regular basis. They will make sure that the facilities are looked after and have good curbside appeal. You just want to make sure that aspect is being dealt with.

Also, if tenants have concerns or if somebody is not paying rent, you want to make sure that someone is close to the building so those types of issues can be dealt with right away.

Secondly, if you have a lot of properties or rental units, you should consider a property management company. Some Landlords become overwhelmed if they have too much on their plate. They are involved with either traveling the world or getting involved in their own business and they don’t want to be involved in the day to day aspect of property management.

So, if you are traveling, or if you are not interested in the day to day hands on management, you should definitely consider a property management company. Likewise, if your time is limited, and you just don’t have time to deal with tenant requests and maintenance requests, you should consider a property management company.

You should also look at your own level of experience. A lot of Landlords have deep experience in property management – others, they bought a property as an investment, but they have never done property management before. They’ve made their money in another business altogether. So before you decide to hire a property management company, that would be one of the considerations.

If you decide to hire a property management company “What should you be looking for when you are looking for a property manager?”.

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