Transpacific is a values based workplace

At Transpacific, we feel lucky to work in a values-oriented workplace, where relationships and ethics trump politics and profit. Where people offer support if you’re having a bad day, and order up the cupcakes if you’re having a good one.

At this time of year especially, we acknowledge that many people here and around the world are not so lucky – and we make an extra effort to open our wallets and volunteer our time, sharing the hope expressed by a range of celebrations in the month ahead.

Like Apple CEO, Tim Cook, we don’t see a divide between, “doing good and doing well”. Our employees receive paid time off to volunteer for any registered charity they are associated with and the practice hasn’t hurt our business one bit – in fact, we’re growing.

Although we may think more about giving in December, we donate to good causes year-round. Some of them are well-known, like MADD, but others are small local or international organizations fighting exploitation, human trafficking, and domestic violence – or protecting the environment.

Each charity has touched our hearts with the work they do. We know that there are many organizations doing good work in the world, but here’s a little bit about the ones we’ve chosen to support. Please follow the links if you’d like to know more about them:

A Rocha is an international, conservation-based organization. In addition to donating, we participate in their Community Shared Agriculture program. During the growing season our office receives boxes of fresh produce from their organic farm in Surrey, BC.

The International Justice Mission’s team of lawyers, investigators, social workers, and others works to protect poor people in the developing world against violent crimes such as human trafficking, slavery, and police brutality.

Ratanak International is a Vancouver-based organization that combats exploitation and human trafficking in Cambodia.

The Monarch Place Transition House offers shelter and support for women and children fleeing domestic violence. It is operated by WINGS (Women in Need Gaining Strength), a non-profit organization serving women throughout Metro Vancouver.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) works to stop impaired driving and to support victims who have been injured, or who have lost loved ones, due to an impaired driver.

Interested in working with a values-based property management company that cares as much about your success as their own? Give us a call at 604-873-8591.

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