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In the world of property management – as in the rest of the business world – some firms grow by acquiring other companies and some, like Transpacific, grow through referrals. As a client, why should that matter to you?

A property management company that has grown through referrals, rather than acquisitions, has grown on the strength of its own reputation – not someone else’s. It has delivered on its services and products, and kept its customers happy. 

Its customers are so happy, in fact, that they are willing to recommend the property manager to others. When you hire a company that has grown through referrals, you’re not relying on what it says it will do, you’re trusting a track record that has been verified by others.

Here are 5 things we’ve found our clients need to see, in order to refer us to others with confidence: 

1. Great customer service

Great customer service isn’t just about what you do when things are going well, it’s also about what you do when things go wrong – from emergencies to errors. Both are a fact of life, and it’s how you respond that shows your company’s character.

Because we’re a local firm, we’ve always been accountable at the highest level: our clients have fast access to the company president if they need it, a concerned and speedy response to emergencies, and if we make a mistake, we work as quickly as possible to offer a solution.

2. A quality product

When clients hire a property manager, they’re looking for peace of mind. They want to know that inspections are being done, their invoices are being paid, tenant issues are being handled, and their building systems are being maintained – and they want to see proof in the form of regular monthly reports and financial statements. We get a significant amount of business simply because other property management companies don’t attend to these fundamentals in a timely way.

3. Investment in client and employee relationships

It’s easy to take clients to lunch or send holiday cards. Real investment in relationships is going that extra mile when a client or employee needs your help – often outside of business hours. For example, during the early days of the pandemic, we put in long hours to help our clients reframe what their businesses would look like going forward. And, when a long-time client died, we continued to run his business in the way we knew he would want it run – even though we knew the business would eventually be sold.

This year is our 15th anniversary and the statistic we’re most proud of is this: every client we started with, who stayed in the property business, stayed with us. It’s a remarkable testament to the relationships we’ve built. And for us, it’s the kind of success that matters.

4. Trained, responsive staff

In our office, we don’t just treat each other well, we provide an environment that gives people room to grow. We’re firm believers in helping our employees reach their potential. Frankly, if we’re not investing in staff training and giving them the resources and support they need, then we’re not just letting them down, we’re letting our clients down.

There’s another reason we invest so heavily in training – in our industry, as in so many others, a generation of experienced property managers is retiring. We’re thinking ahead, training the next generation to step into the gap.

5. A genuine interest in our clients’ success

There’s no faking this one. It’s the difference between walking into a client meeting with ideas, questions, and enthusiasm, and going through the motions. We’ve won contracts simply because our team has walked onto a site and started to talk about the possibilities, challenging each other to come up with better solutions. The client could hear our sincere interest in helping them succeed, and our passion for the work we do.

Looking for a property management company that has grown solely on the strength of its service? Find out what Transpacific Realty Advisors can do for you – please give us a call at 604-873-8591.

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