“A lot of people don’t know what business they’re in,” says Transpacific Realty Advisors President and Owner, Rod Fram. “Transpacific is a property management company – but we are really in the peace-of mind-business. It means that we have our client’s back. No matter what the circumstances are – you’re looked after.”

Client Alicia Chung, whose company specializes in commercial strata, agrees. “They are problem solvers. They are creative and fast to respond.”

“I can trust them that the work gets done and that they really care about doing it right,” adds Maike Marnet, who employs Transpacific to look after Marnet Real Estate Services’ portfolio of commercial and industrial buildings.

You don’t have to worry about your properties when they’re managed by Transpacific… that kind of a relationship gives you confidence that you you’ve got the right company.”

— Bill Grace

Bill Grace, the CPA at Marnet agrees. “You don’t have to worry about your properties when they’re managed by Transpacific. We got a call about a flood and we contacted Transpacific, and they were on it in 30 seconds. That kind of a relationship gives you confidence that you you’ve got the right company.”

Transpacific looks after our client’s real estate investments like they’re our own

When Rod reflects upon his vision for a property management company with an entrepreneurial mindset he says, “I wanted to start this business because, after working for a global real estate company, I thought we could do something a little more interesting. Transpacific looks after our client’s real estate investments. We are looking after commercial investment property. What that really means is – if you look at a piece of real estate as a business – it’s looking after anything and everything that a business would entail.”

Preston Tong, a property management strategist at Transpacific, talks about what makes them different, “We’re a larger company in terms of our clientele and portfolio. But we still have the boutique property management mindset. So in that sense – we manage the property like it’s our own.”

Alicia Chung agrees, “The Transpacific difference really is in the delivery of their service – by supporting us on the property management and accounting side of the business. Every individual I’ve dealt with at Transpacific – we have always received very professional service and we’ve received the same feedback from our tenants and our purchasers as well.”

“Transpacific takes our day-to-day management problems away,” says Bill Grace. “Building problems – air conditioning, plumbing problems, maintenance problems – everything’s a problem. But Transpacific fortunately, can deal with them all. They’re fast, have great communication. You can always get hold of Rod. I know he’s very busy, but he’s always approachable and he’s always available.”

Josephine Chi, Director of Property Management at Transpacific, explains further, “Excellent service means that you go the extra mile – no matter what it is – being proactive, not shying away from any difficult issues. You know – seeing the bigger picture as well.”

Maike Marnet sums it up when she says, “You can teach a lot of things, but you can’t teach attitude and caring.”

Building client relationships – the DNA of Transpacific

It’s client feedback like that, which makes Rod Fram smile. “If you’re looking for a property management company I’m not here to sell you anything. What you need to look for is a company that you can establish a relationship with – and that relationship will go a long way. That’s the DNA of Transpacific.”

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Transpacific is a values based workplace

Our Values

When you make the decision to choose us as your property manager, we understand that you’re placing more than just valuable assets in our hands – you’re placing your trust. Our company was founded on the desire to develop honest, long-term relationships with our clients and work directly with them in a way that makes a difference to their success. Read more about our values

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