Transpacific was featured in a January 2021 article in Western Investor that explains what a commercial property manager can, and should, be doing for you…

“Top Benefits of hiring a commercial property manager:

  • They approach your company with a business mindset – driving assets and revenues
  • They offer unbiased leasing advice
  • Property managers provide an assortment of financial statements that help you gain insight into the building’s performance.
  • In addition to tracking the financial standing of the property, a property manager will also project the income and expenses of the property and establish a budget that reflects the owner’s goals
  • Rent collection: Property management companies maintain tenant ledgers to keep track of each tenant’s account balance and rent schedule

Read full Western Investor article here.

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Our website contains more resources that explain what a good property management team can do for you, whether you’re a commercial or residential rental property owner. Plus, we offer plenty of tips for solving common issues such as how to screen tenants, or fill a commercial property vacancy.

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